- Laeta dies magni ducis

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Laeta dies magni ducis,
Dona ferens novae lucis,
Hodie recolitur.
Joyful day of our leader, that brings the gift of a new light,
we commemorate you today.
Grace is given the loving soul,
may our ardent heart be united to the songs of our lips.

By the radiant way going up to the east,
let us admire our Father rising to heaven,
equal to the patriarchs.
His innumerable posterity,
figure of the sun,
made him like to Abraham.

See the crow serving him
and recognize hence Elias hiding in a little cave.
Recognize Eliseus, when he bids return the axe from beneath the current.

It is Joseph through his life without stain;
it is Jacob bringing future things to mind.
May he be mindful of his people,
and may he lead us till we behold
with him the eternal joys of Christ.

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S 2
Charis datur piae menti,
Corde sonet in ardenti,
Quidquid foris promitur.

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S 3
Hunc per callem orientis
Admiremur ascendentis
Patriarchae speciem.

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S 4
Amplum semen magnae
prolis Illum fecit instar
solis Abrahae persimilem.

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S 5
Corvum cernis ministrantem,
Hinc Eliam latitantem
Specu nosce parvulo.

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S 6
Elisaeus dignoscatur,
Cum securis revocatur
De torrentis alveo.

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S 7
Illum Ioseph candor morum,
Illum Iacob futurorum.
Mens effecit conscia.

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S 8
Ipse memor suae gentis,
Nos perducat in manentis.
Semper Christi gaudia.

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Graduale Triplex , Moines de Solesmes, 1979 p.871
Graduale Novum de Dominicis et Festis, GÖSCHL, Johannes Berchmans, et alii, 2011 p.418
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Calendarium Concilii Vaticani II
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