- The Gregorian Repertory


This database contains the latin chants of the Mass and Divine Office from the Gregorian repertory with translations and additional information about each of the chants. More information...

  1. Scriptural passages in the Bible, links to the scriptural passage in the Bible, Morphological analysis
  2. Identification number (CAO), mode, annotation
  3. a. Indication of the liturgical location within the Post Conciliar (Vatican II) liturgical calendar
    b. Indication of the liturgical location of the chant in the Antiphonale Missarum Sextuplex (Carolingian period)
  4. Theological Commentary
  5. Music analyses and semiological commentary
  6. Media files (Schola or Cantor)
  7. Media files (diverse settings/arrangements)
  8. Links to editions of modern notation (liturgical books, single pages)
  9. Links to databases
  10. Links to digitalised medieval codices containing the current chant
  11. Links to polyphonic compositions that use the current chant
  12. Secondary literature

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Volume of Data

  • 10,164 latin chants
  • 10,159 german translations
  • 4,783 french translations
  • 443 english translations
  • 5,459 links of the chant texts to 65 biblical books
  • 59,300 links of the chant texts to 435 publications and music editions
  • 1 theological commentaries
  • 3 media files


January 2024 - The liturgical calendar for 2024 has been updated and several links to the database "Choral Public Domain Library" (CPDL) have been added in the section "Polyphonic Works".